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How Did Emmanuella Grow Up So Fast?

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How Did Emmanuella Grow Up So Fast? Fans React.

Popular Nigerian child Comedian, Emmanuella of the Mark Angel Comedy appears to have been mistaken for another Lady on Social Media.

Emmanuella Grow Up

A now viral photo of the popular comedienne lookalike got the attention of many Social Media users who couldn’t believe that their innocent Emmanuella could have grown that big.

See photo below;

Emmanuella Lookalike

The child star will be 10 this year and is certainly not the one in the viral photo above.

A twitter user identified as Damilola Tolu whose previous account was suspended uploaded a ‘wigless’ photo of herself in order to get the attention of her old followers.

Turns out that she got the attention way more than she bargained for.

Many are of the opinion that Emmanuella would look like this in a few years from now’. Here are some reactions;

  • Lolz……. You look like an older Emmanuella😂😂😂
  • Would you believe I saved this picture on Facebook just now to show you,I saw where this pics was uploaded with the caption ‘is this Emmanuella?
  • Is this truly emmanuella?
  • Is this not Emmanuella?

What’s your take on this?

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