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Chima: Nigerians Demand Justice For Man Reportedly Framed Up, Tortured To Death and His Boys Sent To Prison By The Police

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Nigerians have through social media demanded Justice for a Man who was reported to have been framed up and tortured to death by the Police in Rivers State. Nigerians on Twitter came under the hashtag #JusticeForChima to call for justice for Man who was gruesomely murdered while his boys are still languishing in prison unjustly.

Chima Ikwunado framed up and gruesomely murdered by the Nigerian Police

The Deceased, Chima Ikwunado

The Deceased named Chima Ikwunado, was reported to have been arrested sometimes in December, 2019. He was arrested by Officers of the Nigerian Police in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Capital for driving one-way and was later framed up with his boys for robbery. The Boss would later die from the cruel torture meted out on them.

The ordeal of the Mechanic and his apprentices who were arrested with him before he finally died in their cell, was narrated by a Man named Comrade Phil on Facebook. Comrade Phil who is a Customer of the Deceased was the owner of the Cars that Chima and his Apprentices were test running when they were arrested and later framed for stealing the cars.

Read his narration about the heartbreaking cruelty and gruesome murder below:

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