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Over 90,000 People Infected With Coronavirus in China – Nurse Discloses (Video)

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A Chinese Nurse has made a huge revelation on the number of people infected with deadly coronavirus in China. According to her, the number of people infected by the Virus is about 90,000 as against the official figure of 1,975 given by the Chinese government officials.

The Nurse’s revelation stems from the heart of the outbreak emerged as the Chinese government faced accusations of censoring criticism of its handling of the disease in order to play down the crisis, Daily Mail reports.

The outbreak of the new virus originated in China, where it has infected more than 1,970 people and killed 56, and has spread worldwide.

Speaking in a video footage seen online, the unnamed woman says:

‘I’m in the area where the coronavirus started. I’m here to tell the truth. At this moment, Hubei province, including Wuhan area, even China, 90,000 people have been infected by coronavirus.’

Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying the country is facing a grave situation, held a politburo meeting on measures to fight the outbreak, state television reported on Saturday.

The country is facing a ‘grave situation’ where the coronavirus is “accelerating its spread,” Xi told the meeting, which took place on the Lunar New Year public holiday.

See the video below:

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