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Cartoon Also Predicted Kobe Bryant’s Death By Helicopter In 2016 … Prompting Illuminati Conspiracy (Video)

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Famous Basketball Star, Kobe Bryant’s tragic death in a helicopter crash was also predicted in 2016 by a ComedyCentral Cartoon called Legends of Chamberlain Heights.

2016 Cartoon depicts Kobe Bryant death in a Helicopter Crash

The animated sitcom which aired in 2016 showed a scene that has Kobe going down in a helicopter crash.

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From the scene in the Cartoon, a distressed Kobe is seen crawling out of the helicopter, and the character says to Kobe – “pass us the trophies, and we’ll help you”

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Kobe refuses, and the helicopter explodes.

Here is the cartoon, which shows Kobe’s death in a Helicopter Crash:

Do you feel there is a kind of illuminati’s conspiracy in Bryant’s death?

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