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Abuja pastor anoints pants and bras, prints his face on them for ladies to attract men for marriage

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An Abuja-based pastor has reportedly anointed Ladies pants and bras with a picture of his face printed on it, to help women looking for life partners to attract men.

Pastor anoints pants and bras

The quest for women to find a man for marriage has been taken one step further as the Abuja Pastor, Dr. JS Yusuf introduced ‘anointed’ pant and bra to help women attract men to them for marriages.

Single ladies seeking for a life partner in 2020 in the Touch for Recovery Outreach Int’l, Abuja are instructed to get one as the Senior Pastor claims it is blessed according to the instruction from God.

Besides attracting men for marriages, the underwears are said to also help women from related diseases and give them good luck with men.

He added “wearing them will make men look at you on the streets and want to marry you”.

He qouted Num. 23:20 which says “Behold I have received the commandment to bless; and he hath blessed, and I cannot reverse”.

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