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Lil Wayne Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant With New album ‘Funeral’

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Top American Rapper, Lil Wayne just released his new album ‘Funeral’ and despite working on the project for years, he made last minute changes because of the sudden death of popular basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

The American rapper paid tribute to Kobe Bryant on his brand new album by adding a 24 seconds of silence on track number 8 which is synonymous with the Jersey number 24 of the Lakers Legend

After learning about Kobe’s death on Sunday, Wayne connected with Young Money President, Mack Maine, and they agreed to make last-second changes to honour Bryant.

The final decision was to lay in a moment of silence for Kobe at the end of the 8th song on the album, titled “Bing James” — 24 seconds in total. Obviously, the numbers refer to Kobe’s Lakers jersey numbers, #8 and #24.

Wayne appeared on FS1’s Undisputed on Friday morning and credited the producers who worked on the album for being nimble enough to change up the album just HOURS before it was released.

Wayne also shouts out “Black Mamba” in the chorus of another song on the new album — a song called “Ball Hard.”

Wayne’s “Funeral” album happens to have 24 tracks but he told Skip Bayless that was just a coincidence.

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