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Princess Shyngle Confesses How She Love Her Husband As He Grabs Her Butt (Video)

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Nollywood Actress, Princess Shyngle posted a video showing her husband grabbing her butt.

The title given to the post simply depicts that the actress is expressing her desire to remain with her handsome young husband even in her next life.

Expressing how much she loves her man, Frederic Badji, whom she met through DM, Princess Shyngle wrote:

“No one will understand our love like we do , the bound , the connection and love that we share is out of this world and if I was to come back to this world and was asked who I’d want as a life partner I’ll definitely choose you over and over and over again. I’ve only fallen in love once in my life and I’m proud to say it is with you @fredericbadji1 I’m so blessed to be married to the first man I ever feel in love with, my 1st love, my soulmate, my world I live for you baby and I love you so much Happy Valentine’s Day hubby @fredericbadji1”.

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