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Nigerian Widow Exposes Married Man Trying To Hookup With Her On Social Media (See Photos)

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A Nigerian Widow has called out a married man on social media after he tried to woo her.

Nigerian Widow Exposes Married Man Trying To Hookup With Her On Social  Media(See Photos)

The Lady identified as Obong-anwan Phoenix shared photos of their chats and revealed that the man, Samuel Usoro who is married with kids with a photo of his family as his cover photo on Facebook has been in her inbox for years.

She disclosed that she is not shaming the man for trying to woo her but because of the insults he at her. See what she wrote below;

“Dear Samuel Usoro I went to your profile for the first time to see the immature little boy that will get so offended because he gets ignored and to my shock I saw you are someone’s Horseband.

Your advice to me to go get married as old age is catching up with me is a joke on you.

Very soon, your wife will be a widow too and people will mock her too.

How did we get here?

I was at the wedding minding my business till a friend beside me pointed out that there was a half naked man on my phone screen. Turns out a man who has been sending me inbox for years had decided to call me on video. I don’t even know how that call was picked. The table was quite busy, neither do I know how long he had been on the video. Ohh from the time I later saw over 3minutes.

I picked up and looked at who was stupid enough to do such a thing but I didn’t know him. He was still there, LIVE!!!

So I sent him a message of how stupid it was for him to call someone on video and not hang up when it was obvious the person wasn’t even there to respond. And next thing Hunku started showering me with insults.

I scrolled up and saw he has even sent messages before the call. What did I do wrong? Say I no answer am?

So you don’t get attention from a woman and she is a Whore, she gives you the attention and still sleeps with you and she’s still a whore.

I have never done this kind of expose but I am pissed.

I am heart broken at the same time.

This man does not even know anything about me. He does not know I was married with children, he does not know I am a widow. All he sees is a single woman who is deserate and old enough to be married.

Well, I will hate myself later for doing this.

I am not shaming him for trying to be fresh with me, I am shaming him for the insults he gave me. Cos I haven’t been myself since then and this is my way of getting back at him.

I don’t care what comes out of this, but for the mean time, let me give myself the justice.”

See their chats below;

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