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Lockdown: Watch Moment Giant Alligator Was Spotted In The Middle Of The Road (Video)

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A Giant Allegator was spotted in the middle of the road in Florida walking towards Divers, a Video has shown.

Francis E. Scott-Marr who was driving to a friend’s house when she spotted the giant reptile and decided to video it.

She said she noticed the animal on the corner of MLK Boulevard and Williams Road at the Seffner intersection as it lumbered its way around the roads.

Footage shows the animal heading straight for her while surrounding traffic is brought to a standstill.
She can be heard screaming: ‘Lord have mercy, look how big it is! It’s coming for me!’ as her dog Chloe barks furiously at the giant Gator.

As the reptile edges ever closer it suddenly appears to change its mind and heads in a new direction – but not without a warning flick of its tail.

Scott told Fox6 News that she thinks her Chloe’s persistent barking convinced the gator to change direction.

She said the alligator made it safely across the intersection.

Florida is famed for its alligator population and there are an estimated 1.2million living in the state. They can grow up to 13ft long and and weigh up to 800 pounds.
The last alligator fatality recorded in Florida was in 2018 when Shizuka Matsuki, 47, was dragged to her death while walking dogs at the Silver Lake Rotary Nature Park.

Watch the Video below:

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