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Terrifying Moment Monkey Rides on a Bike And Tries Kidnapping A Child (Video)

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A terrifying video which has gone viral has showed a shocking moment a Monkey rode a Cycle and tried kidnapping a child.
In the viral video, the monkey can be clearly seen trying to ‘kidnap’ a baby in broad daylight and dragging it on the floor.

The video which was shared by IFS Susanta Nanda, showed the monkey riding a cycle approaching a group of kids who were playing outdoor.

As soon as the monkey gets close to the children, he jumps off the bike and leaps onto a child, then drag the child for a good 30 feet before people ran in to intervene.

As soon as he saw people approaching, the monkey ditched his kidnapping attempt letting the confused child go and ran away.

The video didn’t give the date and location where the event occurred.

Watch it the Video below;

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